SUNDAY, 24. November 2002, 23:00. - 24:00, Ö1




I. "i"

II. "Verzweiflung"

III. "Metamorphosis of Speaking

IV. Kassiber - The Jingle

PLAY_BROADCAST (with Statements from Matei Bejenaru)


Within the course of the Ö1 programme series "Nebenan" which focusses on Romania this month, Kunstradio has invited the Romanian artist and curator Matei Bejenaru for a special broadcast. He represents an innovative, highly active generation of artists in Romania, networkers, who are interested in working in different public fields and with different media.

In Vienna, Matei Bejenaru did three pieces for Kunstradio which all reflect on the specific political, social and artistic context they were produced within. They are part of a series of "Speaking Performances". So far the artist has always performed for an audience, in public, sometimes speaking for hours thus, the performance for radio is a new aspect to this work.

Matei Bejenaru on his Speaking performances:

"Since 1997, when I started the Speaking performances, I've been interested in the physiological limits of the speaking process, in working with words as raw material for art projects, in analysing the language as an important element of national identities. In my latest speaking performances, I have also started to analyze phonetical reading rules and have developed individual algorythms for reading, by transforming the text from an intelligible message into an abstract sound mass generated by my body and controlled by my ratio.

Kronen Zeitung

Der Standard

Die Presse



by Matei Bejenaru

The source material for this piece were the politics pages of four major Austrian daily newspapers two days before the national elections. Referring to the "i" in the word politics, the artist subordinated the texts, a mix of political comments and objective reports, due to a linguistic matrix. In accordance to scientific studies or statistical methods, this "film" should function as an objective instrument for analyzing a text. Can we can draw conclusions about the qualitiy of a text from the frequency of a vocal?

The result is a minimalistic, but at the same time very dense piece, its rhythm depending on the structure of the text material.

Live im Studio RP1, ORF Funkhaus, 22. 11. 2002


by Matei Bejenaru


An associative field of around 200 words which the artist assigned and assembled with the term and idea of desperation and read aloud.

A Metamorphosis of Speaking

by Matei Bejenaru


"You know everything is possible, everything if I'll tell you how I feel. Outside somebody is waiting for us."

This piece is the extremely dense culmination of Matei Bejenaru's linguistic speaking experiment. By means of a seemingly endless repetition of the sentence above, its poetical, optimistical message is neither emphasized nor amplified, however, but rather dissolved into an acoustical "white hissing" created with loops, delays and superimpositions.

Kassiber - The Jingle

by Robert Buchschwenter and Mona Hahn


Die drei Soundjingles von Mona Hahn und Robert Buchschwenter sind Teil des Kunstprojekts "Kassiber" von Andrea van der Straeten: In Form von Plakaten, Postkarten und eben diesen Radiojingles wurde der steirische herbst, der heuer unter dem Motto des 'Fremdkörpers' stand, beworben.

"Kassiber" bedeutet "versteckte Botschaft", ist subversiv. Und um eben solche textliche Fremdkörper an die Öffentlichkeit zu transportieren wurden diese Werbe-Medien von der Künstlerin auch benutzt.

These three sound jingles by Mona Hahn and Robert Buchschwenter are part of the art project "Kassiber" by Andrea van der Straeten which she realized for the steirischer herbst 2002: Posters, postcards, and these radio jingles were designed and produced for the public campaign of the festival which was dedicated to the motto of the "alien body" (Fremdkörper) this year. "Kassiber" means "hidden message", is subversive. And exactly for this reason to place these hidden messages, alien texts in a public space the artist used these media.