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by Concha Jerez and Jose Iges

sound PLAY

Since this title taken from a film by Fernando Fernán Gómez about traveling theater comedians, we invite you to a journey to issues belonging to the "Great Teatre of the World" (as Calderón de la Barca wrote) in which all of us perform daily: time of individual and collective history, definition of identity, laws versus utopias, no man's lands, media in the construction of reality, electronic surveillance… in our advanced societies. These are issues that interlace the public and the private and that are undertaken from fragments of seven of our works* (made between 1993 and 2015, so somehow we also propose a journey to our own work and our concerns as artists and as citizens.

It is the spoken word, something so radiophonic, the main vehicle chosen to do so, while several sounds -false national anthems, dice rolls, time signals, babbling, steps, drag or broken objects- are laying out the course. "They walk but they don't advance", Beckett said. Something similar happens on this journey, and also by that becomes a Journey to nowhere.

All those works take part of the retrospective exhibition Concha Jerez-jose Iges: Media_mutations (, which is presented in Tabacalera Madrid until June 21, curator Karin Ohlenschläger.

C. Jerez - J. Iges

- Bazaar of Broken Utopias (1993)
- Polyphemus' Eye (1997)
- Net-Opera (2000-2001)
- Terre di nessuno (2002)
- Persona: Fitting Room (2005-2007)
- Viaje a ninguna parte (sound actions) (2014-2015)


Islas Resonantes – Resonant Islands

The Canary Islands, Islas Canarias in Spanish, are an archipelago consisting of eight populated islands and located ca 100 km west of mainland North Africa. Concha Jerez and José Iges, Madrid-based radio artists, have initiated the project “Islas Resonantes – Resonant Islands”, for which they invited the artists José Manuel Berenguer, Alessandro Bosetti, Michael Fahres, Christina Kubisch, Guillermo Lorenzo, Agniezska Waligorska and Pekka Sirén to visit one island each and produce sonic explorations of them.
The project is well-documented with weblogs, fotos and sound files at and was furthermore published as a book including two CDs with the sound pieces.
The Island Gran Canaria has been portraited by Concha Jerez and José Iges themselves:
Las Palmas, teatro de presencias y de ausentes by Concha Jerez and José Iges
Stemming from a radio art work inspired on the city of Las Palmas and its inhabitants, entitled “Entre paréntesis” (“Brackets”), held in January 2008 and featuring a greater narrative intention, we have now laid out an approach to the soundscape featuring new field recordings and a development in the form of a large mosaic. Thus, the listener is faced by the experience of listening to the city from multiple angles, placing him/her in the skin of those who live or visit it, ranging from the collection of materials based on a number of “sound actions” to interviews, through the odd detail, true and false sound archaeologies and the experience of the tourist. The city is conceived as a great stage on which the authors embody, by means of non-existing boulevards, streets and squares of Las Palmas, some already departed friends who were born and belong to the cultural life of the Canary Islands. They thus create a fresco that, to a certain extent, has something of a shadow theatre, of presences and of the departed.

(Concha Jerez – José Iges)

Islas Resonantes part 1:
Islas Resonantes part 2: