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Social Music II - Folge 4

curated by Brandon LaBelle

Planetary listening, waveling experience
by Kat Austen, Miguel Buenrostro, Kate Donovan, Florence Freitag, Brandon LaBelle, Michelle-Marie Letelier

We are not solid, we are agglomerates of wave functions. Wavelings. Planetariat.

Waves across time & space, places & things. Being-in-Touch with many other forces, movements, cycles.

Oscillations that pass across and then back, MTH rhythms.

Rhythms across bodies, time. Time as wave-like rather than linear.

That is pastpresentfuture tumbling upon itself.

What does it mean to perceive as a Planetariat?

Oscillation as a way to shift between scales and the rhythms we encounter, the atmospheres we create, the conversations that hold us.

To be pulled along, down, down, and then up, to breathe as a Waveling. Waving, weaving, being-woven.

The threading of Edges & Centers, Margins & Peripheries – what happens or emerges in these exchanges, tides, winds?

And what washes up? Like driftwood. Across sands & situations. To oscillate within another time-frame, a geological wave of change, composting back into the ground.

We all make ripples.

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