Kate Donovan

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  • is an artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her work deals with radio as an elemental medium. Her research focusses on the more-than-human aspect of radio, and re-thinking/-working dominant radio histories. Much of her practice is together with others and based upon knowledge exchange and experimentation. She has made/shown work extensively and is part of a number of Berlin-based and international radio groups. She is co-founder of the artistic research project Radio Otherwise, and part of the academic research group SENSING: the Knowledge of Sensitive Media (Potsdam), with a project on Radio as Relation. Photo credit: Victoria Tomaschko

    Sendungen im Kunstradio:

  • 29 01 2017: Art’s Birthday Review
  • 17 05 2020: A Garden in the Air: Datscha Radio
  • 11 09 2022: RADIOTOPIA - a rehearsal of spectrum takeover
  • 18 12 2022: Social Music II - Folge 4

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