Klaus Filip


Almost all of klaus filip's art projects have been driven by technological possibilities and the social need to change structures. Among them subVoice(an underground tapemagazine), Sigis Bruder(early electronic songs together with singer Sigi Ecker), Christof Kurzmann's Orchester 33 1/3, Zentrifuge, short films, theatre, dance, sound-installations. he is the musical and electromechanic father of BigBaby, an outstanding intermedial project around a sculpture build by Red White and brought to life by the movements of Cynthia Schwertsik. klaus filip is the inventor and never sleeping developer of the open-source software "lloopp", a musical instrument on the computer to provide open structures for live-improvisation, used by many well-known electronic musicians.

while he used to play on the edge of a computers abilities in the past years, he is now reducing the processes to mere sinus-waves, overlapping with themselves and the ever sounding surroundment of a place; searching for the individual limits of perception. Colaborations with Radu Malfatti, Werner Dafeldecker, Dieb13, Christof Kurzmann, Boris Hauf, Christian Fennesz, Jason Kahn, John
Butcher, Sabine Marte, Gilles Aubry, noid, Cordula Bösze, Silvia Faessler, Taku Unami, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura and Kai Fagaschinski ("Los Glissandinos")


07. 12. 1999: "The Relative Violin - Wien/Vancouver"
25. 04. 2004: "tripple duo. eine musikalische Dreierbeziehung"
15. 01. 2006: Chironomy by Miya Masaoka with Francois Houle, Giorgio Magnanensi and Burkhard Stangl
18. 01. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 – Livemix
12. 04. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 Review – Teil 4
14. 03. 2010: „informelles radio“
20. 11. 2011: "Cultural Morphing"