Saout Radio is a web-radio and also a platform. It was first created with the intention of exploring and promoting radiophonic and sonic art practices in the artistic scenes of the Maghreb, Africa and the Middle-East. Founded in Morocco, in 2012 by the artists Younes Baba-Ali (b.1986) and Anna Raimondo (b.1981), this platform is meant to be an artistic, and pedagogical space which aims to promote a south-south dialogue within the artistic radiophonic practices. Saout Radio is a sonic window and a space for new creations (soundscapes, radio art, documentaries, experimental music, slam, etc.) from all over the Maghreb, Africa and the Middle-East, intended to be broadcasted throughout Fm radios but also exposed in art institutions, galleries or independent spaces of exhibition. Excluding visa or borderland issues, these proposals travel through Arabic and African countries and, also, across the European continent. For example, Saout Radio proposed in February 2014 the project “” for the 5th Marrakech Biennale (Marrakech, Ma), with sonic journeys in local taxis based on works of radio and sound art. Or for example in November 2012, Saout Radio curated the listening session “Moroccan mix” at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, Uk), presenting a panorama of contemporary audible art from Morocco by inviting 11 artists from different disciplines and generations. The same selection had been diffused in different places at San Paulo Biennial, on Mobile Radio Bsp (Brazil); at the art center “La Centrale-for contemporary art” (Brussels, Belgium) and in other venues. Saout Radio also offers radio art and sound art workshops and listening sessions.

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24.02.2014: Im Zauberberg

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