SEC_ is the moniker of Mimmo Napolitano, b. 1985, electronic musician and sound engineer from Naples, Italy. He plays tapes, laptop, synthesizers and electronic devices, both in solo and in several projects of experimental music and improvisation. Co-founder, in 2003, of the avant-rock band Weltraum and of its harsh-noise appendix Endorgan, since 2008 he collaborates with
electro-acoustic/impro band A Spirale, giving life to the duo Aspec(t), in which concrete music and electro-acoustic/feedback experimentation merge with noise poetic, and to the supergoup Strongly Imploded, post-core band with a syncopated aggressive mood. With these formations he played concerts around in Europe, in heterogeneous situations (festivals, clubs, squats, museums, disc shops,...), collaborating with several musicians and improvisers (Jerome Noetinger, Valerio Tricoli, Olivier Di Placido, Franck Vigroux, Ignaz Schick, Mario De Vega, Mat Pogo, JD Zazie, WJ Meatball, Basshaters, Nicolas Wiese, Domenico Sciajno,...). Since 2009 he runs the label Toxo Records, which releases most of his records. In 2010 he starts a collaboration with the actress/performer M. Della Morte, giving life to The Obscene Bird Of The Night, a cruel-mood performance in which musique concrete and noise improvisation mix with a new gestual body practice, on the edge between Kabuki and new Aktionism.
As a sound engineer, he realizes the mixing and the mastering of all his works and of several works of his collaborators.
Actively collaborates in organizing Pestival, a small festival of experimental music and critical
thinking in Naples, and Altera!, an annual festival between Avellino and Naples, at its fourth
In his live performances SEC_ plays a personal devices system composed by Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback manipulated on tape and computer. His sound research is on the edge of musique concrete, digital processing and power electronics, characterized by sudden cuts, imperfect repetitions, fast passages and deep drones. Fascinated by the points of contact between human and animal, in his music there’s often an obscure narrative factor obtained through the straining of sound materials, especially in a rhythmical way. The imperfect repetitions and the spastic rhythms generate a sort of chaotic structure, where the order is only a mask behind which are rather the uncontrolled, the unexpected, the possible to rule.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
11. 12. 2011: "Music for becoming-insect"