Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren

sound sample

ProTon Sonic Art Group's main idea was to collage, decollage, recycle and recompose:

- the whole sending of "Horizontal Radio" by taking sound exerpts of sendings from Linz and returning them back to Linz diffusion center for ORF sendings and diffused sendings to other stations.

- by taking sounding material and recomposing it in cooperation directly with other stations:

* BBC, London; producer Matt Thompson

* RNE-2, Ars Sonora, Madrid; producer Jose Iges

* Sender Freies Berlin, SFB; producer Martin Daske


Connections between the YLE Experimental Studios and other countries' studios was planned to be realized through ISDN equipment, as ProTon-group was not producing local sendings in Finland and therefore had no resources for line costs.

Instead of broadcasting their idea was to connect the sound of the project to radio cafe, which is a public place.

However as the sending was moved one day forwards from the preliminary sending date, in Finland was the Mid Summer eve and all the audience was rushing for their summer cottages and all the radio channels were full of traffic announcements.

Test sendings were done with Linz technical team a week before and repeated one day before. They showed that ISDN-based communication was not working.

Also the test with Berlin showed that the ISDN-systems could not cooperate even though they had the same protocoll Euro-lSDN G. 722

As already earlier London had ordered a music line connection from Helsinki to London, there came an idea to send ProTon's recycled voices for Berlin via London. This was happily done, thanks to assistance of Matt Thompson and bv sendina the materials via London-Linz-Berlin.

BBC actor voice was succesfully recorded via ISDN, also ISDN communication from Helsinki to Madrid was working one way.

Also short wave sendings from Linz and from Ostankino was planned to be used to catch sending voices. However the receiver station in Finland did not have enough engineers working because of Mid Summer and on the other hand the short wave sending times were too late to allow any studio working time, before sending should be already recycled and recomposed sounds forwarded to other stations.

Back-up tape was the last chance. It consisted preliminary recordings of participating stations' artistic groups, but it came almost too late and it's programme identification numbers did not mactch the list delivered.


 BBC cooperations to London by ProTon

On 21st, the Wednesday morning ProTon received via ISDN the actor voice of BBC, also the line clearing conversations were recorded and this material was copied for two sub teams: Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren recomposed the text materials with computer work station ( Mac Intosh / ProTools ) and realized a new text - sound electro - acoustic poem called:

*** "KEEP THE TAPE RUNNING" with duration of 2.50 min. which was sent from Finland to BBC sending via music line at 16.45 GMT

Simultaneously the other sub team: Ilkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso were decollaging the sound materials, decorating it with sound effects and made a new piece called:

*** " HERE IS PROTON FINLAND " with duration of 2.00 min. which was sent from Finland for BBC sending via music line at 16.48 GMT

RNE-2 cooperations to Madrid by ProTon

As the ISDN could not work from Madrid to Helsinki, even in the previous day the tests were ok. the sound works for Spanish Radio 2, Ars Sonora sending were prepared from the back-up tape by Mikko Laakso and llkka Toiviainen. They recycled materials of Jose Iges and Concha Jerez with other materials and composed a new piece called:

*** "IRON GALOP..." with duration of 2.15 min. This was sent via ISDN to Madrid at 2.30 P. M. as all the following pieces too.

Meanwhile Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren made a new exerpt remix of their previous acoustic collage based on a BBC commission " A question of Answers " from March 95. This version was to help Spanish people to understand why Finnish are so silent. An exerpt with same name:

*** "A QUESTION OF ANSWERS" with duration of 5,00 min. was sent via ISDN to Madrid.

Another especially for Ars Sonora produced sound collage was also made by Ilkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso. An acoustic piece called:

*** "GUTEN MORGEN - DIE SONNE LACHT" with duration of 5.45 min. was sent also via ISDN to Madrid.

 SFB cooperations to Berlin by ProTon

As problems still existed late afternoon in ISDN communication, ProTon Sonic Art Group again started two sub teams: Pekka Siren and Agnieszka Waligorska for recomposing materials received on the back-up tape.

Martin Daske' s exerpt was processed with samplers and electro-acoustic means to a new electronic piece called:

*** "ROOF IN..." with duration of 4.20 min. The other piece delivered to Berlin also via help of London and Linz was an electronic-concreté music piece by Agnieszka Waligorska:

*** "WATER SCULPTORS, NUMBER 3" with duration of 5.00 min.

 ORF cooperations to Linz and access to sendings by ProTon

Linz ISDN connection could not be used and ORF was ordering a music line for 30 min. from Helsinki to Linz. As short wave recordings could not be done ProTon group desided to combine three pieces for this sending slot and to make a ready package representing both preliminary and simultaneous materials produced during the sending time.

Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren recycled two their earlier media interference pieces: "Radiocaravan" based on short wave news and a media critical piece and a commission by RNE-2 Ars Sonora "Radio Chaines" to a new live remix called:

*** "NO NEWS TODAY" with duration of 11.25 min.

Music group WlMME's piece chosen to the programme was called:

*** "5 A.M." with duration of 5.17 min.

The third piece which Mikko Laakso and Ilkka Toiviainen made for Linz used the whole back-up tape to be recycled and also recomposed. This collage-recollage piece was called:

*** "PROTON COOKS HORIZONTAL SOUP" with duration of 10.00 min.

The 30 min. cooperation package had also introductions made by Pekka Siren. Sending was at 10. P .M. CET.


Addendum for reporting music works:
(on the included DAT cassette they are in the same ID-order) Authors: Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren "KEEP THE TAPE RUNNING" electro-acoustic piece 2.50 min.
Authors: llkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso - "HERE IS PROTON FINLAND" sound collage 2.00 min.
Authors: llkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso
"IRON GALOP... " sound collage
2.15 min.
Authors: Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren
"A QUESTION OF ANSWERS " radiophonic music
5.00 min.
Authors: llkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso - "GUTEN MORGEN - DIE SONNE LACHT" electro-acoustic piece 5.45 min.
Authors: Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren - "ROOFIN..." electro-acoustic piece 4.20 min.
Author: Agnieszka Waligorska - "WATER SCULPTORS, NUMBER 3" electro-acoustic piece 5.00 min.
Authors: Agnieszka Waligorska and Pekka Siren: " NO NEWS TODAY " electro-acoustic piece 11.25 min
Authors: Music group WIMME: Wimme, Tapani Rinne, Jari Kokkonen and Kajasto - "5 A.M." (Fl-ZEN-95-00010) 5.17min.
Authors: llkka Toiviainen and Mikko Laakso - "PROTON COOKS HORIZONTAL SOUP" sound collage 10.00 min