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The future of all radio is silence



In the UK, a unique event in the history of radio is taking place. 24 hours a day Resonance Radio broadcasts experimental muzak, live sound, radio art and interactive programmes across London and the internet.

Statements such as these might suggest that the Resonance project occupies a conceptual space distinct from and in contradiction to the conventional radio soundscape. Nothing could be further from the truth. Resonance has been set up to provide a 'sealed sonic environment' where subversive sounds and refractive ideas can be rendered harmless - reduced to mere aesthetic objects that compliment rather than hinder the commercial/corporate radio industry. It is well known that autonomous radio tendencies, when pushed towards the margins of society, surface as piratical broadcasts which gitate the ordinary listener, a mythical being who must be protected scientifically.

Over time, the true purpose of radio has become manifest - it's destiny is to function as a secondary medium, in other words one which serves as a mere backdrop to essential activities, never emerging as a primary annoyance. The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show, a programme that exemplifies the Resonance experience, is curious in its desire to deal with the theory and implications of radio art. The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show is a disastrous instrument, a kind of public service devoid of a public, and each week generates numberless spurious realities in dedication to the activities of the media, global corporations, governments, religious and political groupings.

The future of all radio is silence. It is a joy to listen to.

Jim Whelton, Resonance FM