Signation R&B by Rupert Huber: 0'11

Bridge over the River of PFF (Para Flurofentanyl) 1'15
a collage by Wolf van Dijk, Edward Milhuisen and Bart Schut, Holland.
The three radioartists work closely together with the Dutch media- and radio-theoretician Geerd Lovinck and have an "alternative" radioshow on VPRO.

untitled 1'50
anonymous (Germany)

Words for Rivers&Bridges 3'39
by the Skart Group and Arsenije Jovanovic - Radio B92.
with a poem by Zivojin Kara-Pesic, architect: words are bridges. that is why silent people sometimes feel abridge.and a poem by Dragoslav Ruzic, singer and composer of URGH! band: this moment will be only mine

Les Promenades de Mme Bouchard #1 2'37
by Ludwig Zeininger.
Stepping over one of three loop-bridges built over a 5''-sample taken from Pourtinade for viola and percussion by Linda Bouchard.

Brooklyn Scan 2'19
by the british composer Robin Rimbaud aka scanner; about the brooklyn bridge: sounds and text. The piece refers to the fate of the man who designed this bridge as related in a novel by Paul Auster

Carwash 2'52
by Rupert Huber

Blue Danube Waltz number 4 0'30
Matt Thompson from the BBC asked various artists to do versions of the Blue Danube waltz. This one is with sounds from birds and accordeon.

Bridge in the City 3'05
from Greece produced by Michalis Mitras, Greek Radio, Athens

Viele Grüsse 1'09
by Reto Friedmann, who is working for Radio LoRa and Pia Thür from Zürich; a piece which they did for a mailart exibition two years ago in Bern/Switzerland. (also a bridge from the mailart networks to art in electronic networks

untitled 2'51
David Michau

Ponte de Molino 3'18
by Götz Naleppa, Inge Faarborg, Lutz Pahl.
A sound narrative about a bridge in the Italian countryside in Liguria. Coproduction of Berlin and Copenhagen

Peu importe (Little Matters) 1'39
by Claude Schryer and Nancy Tobin.
This piece was composed on July 26, 1996 using sounds from Mexico, Vancouver, Lyon and Montreal.
Claude Schryer: 1959, Ottawa. Lives in Montreal. His work as a composer and producer involves the use of technology as an interface to explore ecological issuses, such as soundscapes analysis and design and the relationship between electronic media and ecology. Schryer is an active composer, performer, producer and curator of new music, radio art and inter-disciplinary production based in Montreal and is presently involved with the Cycle Orchestra of Montreal, the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and is the director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community of Montreal.

untitled 0'22
A work by Mariusz Marks - Polish Radio.
the piece contains sounds of water and voices

untitled 3'13 (segment)
postcard from Prague

The River Quai 2'06 (segment)
sounds from a feature by Austrian feature producer Alfred Treiber

Untitled I 0'59
a piece including a woman's voice and a flute by Roberto Paci Daló

Untitled II 1'48
by Roberto Paci Daló.
a piece which contains sounds and voices from Venezia, and from the Lago di Garda, Italy.

The Yauza-River 3'14 (segment)
was especially composed by the musical group "Species of Fishes" from Russia and they used sounds from the small Moscow river Yauza

Bridge I can think 1'58
by Sergio Messina from Italy.
This work was inspired by the criminals who blew up the Mostar bridge, Tony Manero and James Brown and is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Massimo Terracini and his wife Patrizia Garofoli. Bridge I can think was written and produced by Sergio Messina and published by Bmg Ricordi. It was originally developed for the Rivers&Bridges performance Bridgework in Linz.

Cava Alta 4'11
by Markus Breuss and Javier Colis (Spain)

From the Bridge 4'40
by Francesco Felipe (Spain)

Hell River 3'51
by Zulema de la Cruz (Spain)

Le tic-tac a l'heure du coucon 1'55
by Gleche Michaud (Canada).
some sort of play with different languages

der ohrenblick des untergangs der titanic 1'48
by Andreas Rodler aka sha

The artist reading texts at the mouth of the Broad River in Nova Scotia (CAN) 1'07
by Tom Sherman.
a recording of related narratives and the sound of a rainy forest, because during the recordings by the sea a wind came up and Sherman had to move back into the woods.

River Writing 3'10
voice and sounds.
Andra McCartney responded to the call for participation in RIVERS & BRIDGES put out in the Internet.

Zahnweh 0'58
by Rupert Huber who took part in the Kunstradio Allstars - Bridgework performance in Linz during R&B