17. 01. 2003
22:00 @ Futuregarden
Schadekgasse 6
1060 Wien

Doves are Grey

"doves are grey" by Sergej Mohntau is animal music within the associative field of a mechanical music process. Here, the fauna becomes a tool for artistic expression and, at the same time, is the object of aesthetic interpretation. The doves, driven by hunger, achieve a musical performance and are accompanied with electronic music machines. Man operates these. The world of animals andtechnics are in direct opposition.
The occasion to realize this performance is the 1 000 040th Artís Birthday, according to a proposal of Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. The connecting point is is "Chanson a capella" which contains a list of animal names. Each animal is assigned the attribute green (hence, also "doves are green"). In the performance "doves are grey" the linguistic aesthetization is replaced with physical aesthetization.