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Juniradio is a free and open radio that will broadcast from June 8 until June 30 2003, 24 hours per day, on 104.1 FM in Berlin and as a live stream on the internet. Juniradio is a free radio since it lacks the commercial or institutional constraints that, in Berlin and elsewhere, prevent almost anything unforseeable from happening on the radio, and it is an open radio since it will not be produced by editors, professionals or experts, but by a wide network of local and international groups, initiatives and individuals.

Juniradio will be a political radio as well, since it addresses a certain social imagination: the desire and the demand for a permanent free and open radio in Berlin that would not emerge as a speculation about a defined market niche or target group, but as a bet on real, meaningful and productive connections. Connections between the artistic, political, or whatever work of the participants, as well as, finally, connections between the production and the consumption of radio, and between the radio program and the life of the people.

Juniradio Logo
Juniradio Logo