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040599  21h - Kaffe Mathews
040599  22h - Phil Niblock
120599  21h - Metamkine
200599 21h - Werner Dafeldecker - Erin McGonigle - N.I.C.J.O.B. - Axel Stockburger
220599 17h - Szeli/Cargnelli + Bosshard

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Teil 3

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Kaffe Mathews arrived on Sunday (02.05.99),the 'Hangover Cure', 'English Breakfast', and Crow's 'Walk Through the Cemetary', Kaffe made us all a nice 'ot cuppa and scones for 'High Tea', a process which she tranformed into a sound performance with her electronics set up on a table, mikes surrounding the flour packets and accompanied by the whirr of the microwave.
The hangover cure as elusive as a cure for, well, any and all ailment or disease, it certainly made for a good distraction for the many aching heads to feast the senses on one of the more powerful phenomenons in history,THE ENGLISH BREAKFAST, and how often do we have this accompanied by abstract electronic music ? Of course,as they say, the hair of the dog that bit you etc....and the evening went on.

> Monday saw an aditional radio show with Kaffe Mathews, Phill Niblock, Daniela and myself. Radio Orange broadcast for 2 hours where we all discussed our work and "other(s) things".
Then in the evening the Live Sonic Intercourse took place, with Heimo performing in the small tea room,Clive on the Decks and all and sundry activities in and around the kitchen.

> On Tuesday we all managed to get our minds out of our stomaches, for the Kaffe Matthews and Phill Niblock concert. More on that later...

> DR.
(Dean Roberts)

The KANTINE took its wares to the Vienna radio Orange for 2 hours. Playing and collaging tracks, readings and discussions on the project so far. Clive Graham gave intoduction to some of the music on his CD label Paradigm Disks. Richard Crow gave a reading over some electronic tracks,and a free dinner give away was given to the first caller (some kids) to answer a trivial question.... Daniela Swarowsky and Heimo Lattner discussed the project and other ao3 projects and events. real radio stuff. Check out the live feed though, of video and sound from the Kunsthalle Exnergassw - and see whats going on.

dean roberts

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