Art's Birthday 2005 Network

RBB, Berlin

Link: Audio File

These 10 minutes has been produced in editing several excerpts of sound installations situated in the foyer of the so called “Haus des Rundfunks”, the broadcasting house of the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (former known as Sender Freies Berlin - SFB).

Take it as a trip through the history of a temporarily sounding entrance hall of a broadcasting house and at the same time as an impression of the slot “Internationale Radiokunst” dealing with radio art and sound art.

The installations had been created between 1997 and 2000.

Some of the sounds are special radio versions of the recorded sounds, some has been taped while a performance within the installation and some are only sound documents taken direct form the sounding installations.

Producer: Manfred Mixner, Andreas Hagelüken
rbb 2005