Wolfgang Temmel at "Recycling the Future 4" December 1997

Wolfgang Temmel


1953 geboren. Er lebt und arbeitet in Wies, Steiermark.

Nach dem Studium der Malerei Hinwendung zu anderen Medien, bzw. synästhetische Arbeiten. Ab Mitte der 70er Jahre ist die Akustik fixer Teil seiner Arbeit.

1978 entstehen die ersten akustischen Arbeiten "Diary" und "Locations" (Bänder zerstört).

Teilnahme an zahlreichen Festivals u.a. Ars Electronica Linz, steirischer herbst, Wiener Festwochen, Berliner Hörspieltage, europa'79, Stuttgart, Banff Center of the Arts, Canada, ORF-Hörfunk, Grafische Sammlung Albertina, Wien, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz.

Ausstellungen (Auswahl):

1974 Forum Stadtpark, Graz (E); 1976 Künstlerhaus Wien (E); 1978 europa '79, Stuttgart (B); 1979 steirischer herbst, Forum Stadtpark, Garz (E); Expansion-Impansion, Secession Wien (B); Galerie Lang, Wien 1980 Galerie H, Graz; Galerie Krinzinger, Innsbruck, (B); Galerie Insam, Wien (B)

Wolfgang temmel, 1953, lives in Wies, Styria in the south of Austria. He has spent much time in New York and London. With his visual and acoustic as well as recent olfactory works, he has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals (e.g.: Ars Electronica Linz; steirischer herbst; Wiener Festwochen; Berliner Hörspieltage; europa'79, Stuttgart; Banff Center of the Arts, Canada; Radio ORF - Austrian Public Broadcasting Station; Graphische Sammlung Albertina , Vienna; Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz).

Between 1985 and 1992, he collaborated with Fedo Ertl (A) to form the artists' duo TEER (TEmmel/ERtl). TEER produced works -primarily installations - that made socio-political references, e.g. Silent News, Wiener Festwochen 1992.

Since the beginning of the Eighties, he has produced an ever increasing number of acoustic works; amongst these was (He)artbeats at the 1989 Ars Electronica Linz in cooperation with ORF Kunstradio.

In 1989, he founded the Stille Post Orchestra - whose work motto was "separately I am - together we are" - with varying musicians, amongst whom were: Jon Rose, Werner Jauk, Franz Schmuck, Gerfried Stocker, Josef Klammer, Andreas Kerkhoff. In 1991 the CD Stille Post No. 1 was released.

In 1992, he founded the Ensemble Acoustic Resource (E.A.R.) with Axel Rab and Mr. Spock. In cooperation with the Graphische Sammlung Albertina and the ORF Kunstradio, he realized the project Symphonie No. 1 Albertina.

In 1995 for ORF Kunstradio he realized the piece Am Arsch der Welt (At the Back of Beyond) together with Gottfried Bechtold (A), Robert Kozinuk (CAN) Inge Liese Christiansson (DK), Jim Denley (AUS), Eberhard Eckerle (D), and others.

Since 1983, Temmel has been working on Eine Kunstgeschichte (An Art History) in diverse medial situations, as for instance: For the Xxkunstkabel Graz/Colone 6 videoclips in 6 languages were produced An art history - 11 episodes in 11 languages in 11 minutes with Hank Bull, Sergio Messina, Vuk Cosic, Akihiko Fuke, Thomas Mulcaire, Rasa Smite, Janos Sugar, Not Vital, Olia Lialina, Jale Tükel & Sevgi Uluköylü - for ORF Kunstradio in 1997.

In 1999 "The Judenburg Project" , Judenburg, Austria (with Norbert Math), - "works" staggered in time and space have recurrently emerged via distributed or interlinked authorship processes. Rather than as objects of art, these works are intended to reflect the very processes which are their respective points of focus. In producing these works, Temmel creates temporary systems based on these contexts and mechanisms, which he then takes up, retraces and incorporates into each work: the resulting art "spaces" are not reproducible and are only partially deducible from the finished "product" (video, book, installation, radio piece, CD, etc.). The forms of dialogue, the interplay of intentions and coincidences, and the events themselves are what give each project its own framework without fully defining it.


ORF-Kunstradio broadcasts:

9. 3. 1989: "Arbeiten in Ton" - akustische Bagatellen
14. 9. 1989: "(He)ARTbeats"
19. 10. 1989: "Radiotunnel 2".
01. 02. 1990: "Radiotunnel 1"
13. 9. 1990: "Stille Post"
4. 6. 1992: "Albertina", Sinfonie No. 1 in vier Sätzen.
16. 7. 1992: "Albertina"
29. 6. 1995: "Am Arsch der Welt"
17. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
24. 03. 2002: intermedium 2
31. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
15. 09. 2002: "Blind Photography"

ORF - Kunstradio Projekte/projects:

1998: "Immersive Sound" "Kunst in der Stadt II", Bregenz
1997: Recycling the Future
2000: RE-PLAY - Anfänge der internationalen Medienkunst in Österreich
2002: ".. devolve into II .."
2004: "Talking Crosswalks"