among_others 3 - group I: KANTINE - 28.04. - 09.05.'99



Richard Crow - Clive Graham -Heimo Lattner - Kaffe Matthews

(April 28 to May 9)
"The artist should have a mouthful of music every day" (Moritz von Schwind)

Central to this group's contribution is its aesthetic identity, which is to be found in the use of a permanent structure installed in the gallery. This will be known as 'the kantine.' The dynamic form of this structure will embody that of an elevated platform resembling a kind of 'stage'. Below and integral to its functioning, there will be a 'backstage area' - thus the 'exhibition space' will be transformed into a stage and vice versa. This artificial space will function as a malleable, potential point of contact and site of production. The guests, the casual viewer, everybody is invited and can be a potential performer within this arena, experiencing the limits of what a 'sound sculpture' could possibly mean. The public becomes part of the intended production situation (backstage) and the re-presentation (onstage) simultaneously. S/he is acoustically immersed in the installation amidst the exhibits - the mise en scene of the installation. The kantine is open during the course of the week through a series of 'live feeds'.

A Menu will be availiable at all times during the gallery hours. Places at the kantine can be booked in advance. Please note - the staff of the kantine reserves the right to change or alter the menu at any given time without prior knowledge. There is no gurantee that edible food will be served. A take away service is available outside of these times (interventions/potential sound sources/group expeditions) Please call KHEX for details.

Conventional, contact and radio microphones will be used within the space and its immediate environs to record and document ongoing activities, which are transformed, mixed and transmitted simultaneously. This group, solo, collaborative and random feeds (performances), as well as 'live treatment' as presence will be burnt 'toasted' as CD's to actively archive and document this event.


The hosts are:

Richard Crow / London
Gained a strong reputation with his home-based "Institution of Rot," an artist-run space located in his private house in London. He combines performance with installation, is a master technician of the art of the abject and the emotive fragment. Crow has been described as "the interior decorator from hell". Recent exhibitions: "Not I" (Het Consortium, Amsterdam), "Speaking the Shade" (Schlachthof Bremen and Goethe Institute, Sydney), "Grenzgänger" (Artspace, Sydney), "The Noisiness of Bodies" (Institution of Rot / London)

Clive Graham / London
Runs his own CD label (Paradigm Discs) with 8 releases so far, the music is from a variety of groups including Morphogenesis with whom he performs using electronics and home-made instruments. Also involved in DJing avant-garde music, expecially mixing text-based sound art with electro-acoustic music. Graham is known for his wide knowledge of recorded experimental and avant-garde music.

Heimo Lattner / Vienna, New York
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Lattner crosses the border between high art and everyday kitsch. He designs cells to live in and places them into various locations. Their use and visualization should help to overcome spatial and human limits. He also uses radio programs, which he combines to fast and dense collages. Lattner develops a vocabulary whose only goal is to be ambiguous. This chaos leaves no possibility other than looking for some sense in each respective situation. Sound works and international exhibitions: Kunstverein Salzburg and Bregenz, Gavin Brown Enterprise/ NY, Museum of Contemporary Art/Lyon, "Dinner Party /The New York Kunsthalle), "Alien Action" (with Erin McGonigl, Brooklyn/NY), "Radio Tilos" ( Budapest)

Kaffe Matthews / London
Electro-acoustic artist known for her unique use of MIDI violin and new technologies like LISA sound modelling software and pioneering new technologies. International tours, director of the London Musicians' Collective and worked with Christian Fennesz, Pansonic, Jon Rose, Butch Morris and Charles Hayward. Owns the label Annette Works, where she released her CDs cd Ann and cd Bea. Her third CD Cecile is going to be released shortly.

ao3 Infoline: Kunsthalle Exnergasse 401 21/42
ao3 tickets: WUK box office: 401 2170 (Mon thru Fri 2 to 6 pm)