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Kunstradio’s Art’s Birthday Party 2011: Viral Radio

Monday 17. January 2011, 8.00pm

on line:,
on site: ORF Funkhaus, Argentinierstrasse 30a, 1040 Vienna, Austria (Free admission)
on air: 11.00 pm – 01.00 am Ö1 Kunstradio

Robert Filliou’s concept of the Eternal Network suggests a virtually self-perpetuating system generating art and ideas around the globe. In 2011, Kunstradio celebrates Art’s Birthday with a performance project referring to this thought: “Viral Radio” plays with mechanisms of viral diffusion, which have evolved with the rise of social platforms such as youtube or Facebook and which have been adopted by whizz salesmen for marketing purposes. However, it is certainly not a product we intend to spread, but: Art. And we don’t even charge for it.

viral radio

Brigitte Wilfing, performer and choreographer, and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, composer and turntablist, have developed the project “Viral Radio” and present a range of activities and interactivities with international guests to celebrate the birthday of Art in its 1.000.048th recurrence according to Filliou’s feisty Fluxus calendar.

You scream

Highlights of the evening include an interactive radio installation on site and on air, a performance lecture by Brigitte Wilfing, concerts by Kid 606, Pure, Martin Siewert, Ernesto Molinari, Thomas Wagensommerer, Magdalena Chowaniec, Peter Kozek, Jan Deck, Anne Grabs and others, and a screaming contest – whoever is angry, scared or just wants to break the silence: please contribute your loudest screams online
Submission deadline is 16th January, the prize money is worth a month's of family allowance (which faces cuts in Austria) and the jury is the family collective Schwestern Brüll.

A star is is born – a multimedia performance with GiGiGold

A new child of Art will be born on 17th January: hosted by GiGiGold and created by Internet users and the live audience, an artificial persona will emerge from shared experiences from social, political and „special interesting networks”.

Please, do not switch off your phone!

Programm details (CET):

20:00Listening to other Art’s Birthday Parties
20:30Welcome by GiGiGold (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Lecture Identity 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Performance Ernesto Molinari
 My GiGiGold
(Magdalene Chowaniec, Miguel Angel Gaspar, Jorge Sanchez Chiong, Brigitte Wilfing)

 Birthday Cake and talk about Ghana

 Lecture Friendship 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Lecture Work 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)

 Tutorial Miguel
 All performers Dancing with Sounds of the Video
Monitorinstallation by Thomas Wagensommerer

 Lecture Activism 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)

21:20Performance Pure - Viral Radio on Satellite
22:00Solo dance (Magdalene Chowaniec, Miguel Angel Gaspar)
 Lecture Intimacy (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Reading emails (Magdalene Chowaniec, Brigitte Wilfing)
Phantom images (Miguel Angel Gaspar)
Lecture Anonymität 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Eulogy to Richard (Miguel Angel Gaspar)
 Refugee (Magdalene Chowaniec)
 Frustration (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Shivering Dance with music by Jorge Sanchez Chiong and Martin Siewert
 Lecture Dead 2.0 (Brigitte Wilfing)
 Special appearance Wahabu
22:45Performance Kid 606
23:03Kunstradio Live on air – on line – on site
with Jorge Sánchez-Chiong mit Kid 606, Ernesto Molinari, Pure,
Martin Siewert and Thomas Wagensommerer
00:00Screaming Jury by Schwestern Brüll

Viral Radio

Concept: Brigitte Wilfing and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Media artist: Thomas Wagensommerer
Performances: GiGiGold, Magdalena Chowaniec, Miguel Angel Gaspar, Brigitte Wilfing and surprice guests
Music: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong mit Kid 606, Ernesto Molinari, Pure, Martin Siewert and Thomas Wagensommerer
Dramaturgy: Jan Deck
Scream Jury: Schwestern Brüll
Social Networks: Anne Grabs
Video editing: Philipp Kerber
Sound: Martin Leitner, Alfred Reiter
Production management: Edit Rainsborough

Viral Radio is a cooperation with subnet – platform for media art and culture, and the university project NeWAiR, supported by the Cultural Department of the Council of Vienna.