radio broadcast- Sept. 5th

The Listening Room/ABC will dedicate a long programme to RIVERS & BRIDGES mixing sounds from Australian rivers and bridges with material from all the other participants. The Listening Room offers sounds from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Glebe Island Bridge, the Gundegai Bridge and the yet unbuilt Hindmarsh Island Bridge. Rivers that flow into the program include The Yarra, The Port River, The Swan, The Murray and The Snowy, The Lachlan, The Diamantina, The Wanagatta, Wentworth Falls Creek. SBS Sydney- a station broadcasting in 60 different languages - will have live contributions from Hungarian-speaking, German-speaking and Samoa-speaking Australians.

sound-postcards: a composition by Visual artist Andrew Yencken from Sydney


In Austria RIVERS&BRIDGES is a coproduction of TRANSIT, ORF and ARS ELECTRONICA. ORF will broadcast from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and from 10:20 p.m.until 6 a.m. on Sept 6th. Several regular radioprograms will dedicate their editions in the week of Sept 2nd to the subject RIVERS &BRIDGES.

Installations: at bridges on the Inn and the Danube:


30 Minutes tape. "Morphace" by Slavek Kwi - 30 minutes of digitally frozen contemplation of an artificial memory trace.Morphological associations, both linear and parallel, gradually change a river into its various metaphors. The artistŒs microphone surveys the imaginary lancdscape of an abstract river, zooming in on smaller substructures. Travelling through sound space, this production presents an improvisation on the changing character and role of acoustics in an universe obsessed with the (in)stabilities of bridges of communication.


radio broadcast and events -


Czech Radio contributes a 20 minutes sound mosaic from the Charles bridge in Prague.


Danmarks Radio will broadcast a live programme that comes back again and again to STORBAELTSBROEN, a huge bridge being built right now in Danmark. It is going to be one of the worldŒs biggest bridges. It has been discussed in Denmark for almost a hundred years - but soon it is ready - although nobody remembers what it is good for! As far as rivers is concerned Denmark is a very special case - there are no rivers at all.....
Also there will be live contributions from an underground soundgallery under the main square in Kopenhagen: 25 loudspeakers that are built into the square will broadcast Rivers & Bridges to passers-by..


B 92: This- now legendary - independent radiostation in Belgrade is sending one of their DJs - Goran Paunovic to Vienna, where he will make mixes out of the material arriving from the different participating stations
Several soundpostcards, some of them by Arsenije Jovanovic.


"La cru du Rhone". A live contribution from Phonurgia Nova team in Arles, based on the Rhone rivers flowing sound and textual documents. > Phonurgia Nova contributes sound postcards coming from its annual radio concours.



The Proton group will be broadcasting between 10 p.m. and 1 a. m., recycling and sampling material that comes from other participants and sending the recycled material back into the network to be used by everybody..

There will be interactions with MADRID and LONDON



The independent radio KFS in Hamburg which has a "window" of 4 hours every day on the public Deutschlandradio will dedicate 4 hours on Sept 5th to RIVERS&BRIDGES. (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.)

Hamburg is the city with more bridges than any other European city: 4000. The names of the bridges and other texts (on suicides from bridges, on the subject of translation etc.) will be carried on one of the stereo-channels whereas the other one will carry soundscapes from the river Elbe.


Ponte del Molino
10 minute tape-piece(sound narration) about a bridge in the Italian countryside. Coproduction with Denmark

³A bridge in the city³ 4Œ


BBC - Sept.5th

Matt Thompson and Rex Brough interact live with the PROTON group in Helsinki in a piece called "Marconi's Gap" , a simultaneously mixed collage.
They are also contributing a tape with new versions of the Blue Danube Waltz.


Magyar Radio is doing the uplink to the EURORADIO satellite. MR is contributing 15 short productions by Hungarian artists, made especially for Rivers & Bridges in the studios of MR. One of the authors - and the coordinator for this productions - is the artist Janos Sugar who worked - together with Jocelyn Robert from Canada - on the first texts on Rivers & Bridges - texts that helped the snowball starting. Radio 88 FM 100.2 MHZ,Szeged, together with the group EastEdge contribute four postcards.

I.B.A - Jerusalem

ISREAL contributes a 7 minute piece by a poet from Tadschikistan (in Persian) and music.


Concerts at the RAI Headquartier (Sala A) in Rome by the following artists: KLEZ-ROYM (Klezmer band), Massimo Coen (violin) & Luca Venitucci (accordion), Alvin Curran (sampler), Mike Cooper (solo guitar and tapes), Stefano Maltese and AS SIKILLI Ensemble. During breaks between the performances, the public will be able to go into another space and follow the radio broadcasting, the activities on the Internet (computers will be installed in the spaces and the buffet). REAL AUDIO from RADIO LADA (Servers in Linz and Nice). LIVE BROADCAST on RAI Radiotre: 20.15 - 01.30. A TV program by RAI VIDEOSAPERE will be made out of the documentation during the project and broadcasted in the near future

Postcard from RADIO LORA,Zürich.

REAL AUDIO from RADIO LADA/Giardini Pensili


Polski Radio contributes a 25 minute piece "The River Milosz". The idea is to present the theme of rivers in the poetry of the greatest living Polish poet, Nobelprize winner Czeslaw Milosz. He wrote several poems devoted to rivers, and river as a metaphor of time, life, nature, the feminine aspect of the universe, is a very characteristic trait of his work. In one of his recent poems he wrote: "Whenever I wandered, on any continent, I was always facing a river".
One of his poems, entitled "RIVERS", is a kind of psalm praising the beauty of rivers. It was written in August 1980, a couple of months before the Nobel Committee verdict. Since then, it has been translated into several languages. For the "River Milosz" several translators were asked to do some more versions. Therefore during the 25 minute long essay, the whole poem is presented in excerpts in English, Belorussian, Czech, German, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Russian and of course in its original - Polish. The final effect is a multi-language sound tapestry, somehow similar to a prayer, (a fact surprising even the authors of the radio-essay themselves).
Music is waved into languages. Zbigniew Narnyslowski, a very fine jazz musician and composer, was asked to improvise on themes devoted to rivers in various countries. Thus, for instance, a German version of the poem "Rivers" is illustrated by an improvisation on "The Trout" by Franz Schubert, and an English translation is accompanied by "Ol' Man River". The authors were able to interview Milosz especially for this program.His short comments are translated into English.


RADIO RUSSIA's contribution "The River's Necklace" is a report of the journalist Olga Stern who made a Volgo-Balt canal voyage from St.Petersburg to Moscow. In this programme you can hear voices of a captain and passengers, noises of machinery and so on. The short piece "Yauza-River" was especially composed by the musical group Species of Fishes and they used sounds from the small Moscow river Yauza

ALL RUSSIAN STATE BROADCASTING STATION "RADIO 1"/OSTANKINO RADIO will participate a Chinese folk song arranged by Boris Sokolov.
There will also be an acoustical postcard from Moscow (by Georg Dox, the ORFs correspondent in Moscow)

ECHOS FROM MOSCOW - a popular FM and AM station has commissioned a sound-scape about one of the shortest rivers in Russia.


Artes Acusticae Ljubljana Group, Radio Slovenija, Slovenija: SLOVENIJAN SOUNDBRIDGE

The Music of Stalactites in the Vilencia Cave 3Œ40³
The Birth of a River 3Œ30³
Ajdna/ Music about Time by Lojze Lebic 4Œ
A Rhapsody to the Moorland/Echoing Bridges 4Œ10³
The Folk Instruments of Slovenia 3Œo5³
Lipica - A sound Portrait of the Carst Horse 3Œ40³
The Carillon of Slovenian Bells 3Œ40³
Soundings of Mountains 3Œ30³
The Rhythms of Snow Crystals 2Œ20³
The Sound of the Laibach Group

Idea Realisation. Igor Likar
Authors, Producers, Sound Designers:
Lad Jaksa, Bor Turel, Miro Marinsek, Lojze Lebic,Marjeta Gacesa, Igor Likar, Jure Culiberg, Rok Kada, Sandi Zgonc, Jasna Vidakovic, Stas Jancz, Vojko Frehlic, Sreco Baja, Stane Kosmrlj, Zmago Frece, Laibach.
"SoundBridge" is the title of a 30 minute sound-mosaic of Slovenian sounds: bells, horses, bridges, echos, mountains, folk instruments or the group Laibach...



at the point where the river March joins the Danube: a boat with musicians on board forms a bridge . The musicians play according to a score in the Internet. The score is influenced by four "conductors" at far away places.


There will be live-interactions


There are 7 soundpostcards from Spain


In Basel there will be a large event between two bridges on the river Rhine:
TRANSMITTER - First to second nature by Patricia Jünger.
There will be rafts, divers with microphones, loudspeaker alleys on each side of the river etc. The event will be accessible from DRS Radio via Vienna.



Tom Sherman:

10 minute piece 10 MINUTES OF TOM SHERMANŒs VOICE Reading On site at the mouth of the Broad River (Nova ScotiaTom Sherman (visual artist):
"I was going to try to get a good 'by the sea' sound, but the wind came up and I had to move back into the woods a bit - then it started raining...
The bulk of the piece is a description of my river and bridge in Nova Scotia. In the last part I jump to Michigan..."