Tom Sherman


Tom Sherman is an artist and writer. He works in video, radio and live performance, and writes all manner of texts. His interdisciplinary work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at the National Gallery of Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Musee d’art contemporain, the Museum of Modern Art, Festival International des Film sur l’Art, Wiener Konzerthaus and Ars Electronica. He represented Canada at the Venice Biennale in 1980. In 2003 he was awarded the Canada Council’s Bell Canada Award for excellence in video art. He performs and records with Bernhard Loibner (Vienna) in a group called Nerve Theory. His most recent book is Before and After the I-Bomb: An Artist in the Information Environment, The Banff Centre Press, 2002. He is a professor in the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University in New York, but considers the South Shore of Nova Scotia his home.

Selected Works

ORF-Kunstradio broadcasts:
02. 09. 1993: "Radiomonolog"
23. 09.1993: Radiomonolog: "Beusch ohne Gianni"
20. 04. 1995: "Wordwatch Systems Incorporated Watches What You Say"
12. 12. 1996: "10 minutes of Tom Sherman's voice"
27. 11. 1997: Personal Human together with Bernhard Loibner
25. 03. 1999: Suggested Sway together with Bernhard Loibner
29. 10. 2000: REPLAY UPDATE 1: "Hörweite / Earshot", a live broadcast with gál, Bernhard Loibner etc.
01. 02. 2004: ALWAYS NICE TO BE RECOGNIZED together with Bernhard Loibner
21.03.2004: FIORITURE_a poetryscape
04.11.2012: Kunstradio Classics 2 – Aus dem Archiv 2012 - Teil 15

Selected Exhibitions / Works:
1979: Audioscene
2000: RE-PLAY - Anfänge der internationalen Medienkunst in Österreich: Audio/Radio

Kunstradio projects:

1996 Rivery&Bridges
1998 Immersive Sound
1998 The Long night of Radioart 1998
2006 H5N1

"Personal Human"

"Jellyfish Chronicals"
"Memory and Hope"
"Vision Beneath Light"