/ Announcement

Kunstradio celebrates Art's Birthday 2004 with remote controlled thrills and spills in all possible media.

January 17 and 18, 2004
A Wiencouver Project

on site: Radiokulturhaus, Argentinierstr. 30A, A-1040 Vienna
January17,16:00 CET - open end (15 GMT - open end): happy birthday party

Performances and installations eagerly awaiting telepresences and
hoping desperately to be able to interfere or at least be (ab)used
at other party-nodes.
A Cocktail Robot and other remotely controllable servants ready to take over.
Birthday Toasts.
Happy memories: recycling old gadgets and former birthday presents

Presentation of "devolve into", the CD, a coproduction of Western Front, Vancouver, and Kunstradio, Vienna.

Participating artists:

alien productions (http://alien.mur.at)
Billy Roisz (http://gnu.klingt.org)
dieb13 (http://dieb13.klingt.org)
Machfeld (http://www.machfeld.net/)
Martin Krusche with The Long Distance Howl (http://www.van.at/howl/)
Pure (http://pure.test.at)
Monochrom (http://www.monochrom.at)
Robert Adrian (http://www.t0.or.at/~radrian)
and others

on line: http://kunstradio.at, http://artsbirthday.net
live data, audio and video merrily going down the stream(s)

on air: January 18, 2004 11.05-11.45 pm
OE 1 Kunstradio (FM, SW) and Radio 1476 (MW):
Chilling out with Western Front (and others?)