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Radiokulturhaus Camera Documentation

Listen to the recorded Klangtheater Foyer live stream
17.01.2004 16:00 - 23:30 CET

At this years Art's Birthday celebrations, the remote participiants were linked together for the first time not only by video and audio streams, but also by the scrambled bites data server. This giving the contributors the opportunity to interact in an exchange of scrambled data via remote controllable devices, adding the possibility of physical interaction via the information network.

For Kunstradio, artists have assembled a set of installations for this years Art's Birthday event to interact with the remote participants via the scrambled bites data server based in Vancouver as well as to offer the visitors the opportunity to produce data streams and trigger remote events.

Installations by Robert Adrian, alien productions, Markus Hammer, Machfeld, and the ROBOEXOTICA-team are presented at the Radiokulturhaus from Saturday afternoon onwards where the Art's Birthday Celebrations begin. In the evening the party moves on to the ORF Kulturcafé with a DJ line-up, serenades, performances and other surprises.

With kind support by RadioKulturhaus