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Western Front, Vancouver, Canada http://www.front.bc.ca
January 16-17 / 11pm - 2am

open to the public as part of the setup and test exchanges

Peep, Sydney
January 17 / 6am - 1pm GMT

extended-absurdist celebratory dinner party

7am: Toy Satellite, Melbourne, good morning to all

Weimar, Germany
January 17 / 12am - open end

12am - 3pm: relaying, jamming and scrambling
3pm - open end: birthday-party

LIVE Stream (Real Audio)

experimental radio department http://radiostudio.org
strike http://weimarstreikt.blogger.de
location http://m18.uni-weimar.de/
installation http://pingfm.org/pixelvsbrick
installation http://subsignal.org/pakt/

Radio Kinesonus, Tokyo (http://anarchy.k2.tku.ac.jp/kinesonus)
January 17 / 2pm - 8pm

on air - on line
A Special Streaming to celebrate Art's Birthday 2004

Martin Krusche, Gleisdorf, Austria, (http://www.van.at/howl/night)
January 17 / 2pm - open end

2 pm: Eating cake on the periphery of Gleisdorf

*interface*-window shows a birthday set:

The Set by Vito Pace


Kunstradio, Vienna, Austria
January 17 / 3pm - open end

on line - on site
Installations and Performances

Studio XX, Montreal, Canada, http://studioxx.org
January 17 / 10pm

10pm: Eat Your Cake and Data Too - celebration and performance

Artengine, Ottawa, Canada, http://artengine.ca
January 17 / 12pm

12pm: http://fluxkit.net/ invests the Mercury Lounge

Western Front, Vancouver, Canada http://www.front.bc.ca
January 17-18 / 12pm - 3am

Vancouver Shedule

12pm: Margaret Dragu long distance performance to Tagny Duff in Montreal
1am-3am: Artist Run Limousine ART tracking event, cake icing roboter

Columbus, Ohio, USA
January 18 / 1am

1am: Daniel Jolliffe and Matthew Lewis, Columbus, Ohio,
"Live from Columbus"

Video Pool, Winnipeg, USA, http://www.cheapmeat.net
January 18 / 1am

1am: Video Pool, Winnipeg, celebration and installation

Western Front, Vancouver, Canada http://www.front.bc.ca
January 18 / 3am-open end

3am: formal cake division by ART
8pm-10pm: Western Front [Vancouver] brunch and panel discussion
10:05pm-10:45pm radio jam with Kunstradio

Kunstradio, Vienna, Austria, http://kunstradio.at
January 17 / 10:05pm-10:45 pm

on air - on line - global hangover

Time TBA: Avatar, Quebec, (http://www.meduse.org/avatar)

audio birthday card orchestra

mbar, Helsinki, Finland, mbar.fi
January 17 / 11 AM - 8 PM GMT

Solar Eclipse sonic weather exchange between Sydney & Helsinki

LIVE Stream (mp3)