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Cocktail Robot Gesundheit2 by Fra Ablinger

Alan - by Chris Veigl

PCA (Screenshot) by Jan Wachter

The installations Alan, Gesundheit 2 and PCA, presented by the "ROBOEXOTICA-team", ROBOEXOTICA being a Vienna-based annual Cocktailrobotics Festival, offer three different interpretations of what a cocktailrobot can be.
Gesundheit 2 (by Fra Ablinger) will be connected to the data-stream coming in from other art's birthday parties while Alan (by Chris Veigl), a mobile unit offering snacks and alcohol is going to be transmitting his sight and sound perception into the internet.

PCA (by Jan Wachter), which stands for Personal Cerebral Administrator, is a unified gambling and cocktail mixing installation. It will be installed at the Vienna party dedicated to entertaining visitorĀ“s habits. By playing a videogame-version sort-of "MasterMind"-game, users can win a variety of drinks ..