Isabella Bordoni

Born in 1962, Rimini (Italy)
Poet, writer, performer, visual and sound artist, Isabella Bordoni is artistically involved since the mid 1980s. Attentive to the relationship between speech, voice, sound and stage, between landscape and time, between technology and nature. Since 1985 she takes care of dramaturgy, direction and execution of works for theater, radio, media. Within the visual arts, she designs and creates installations by the use of interactive technologies and since 2000 introduced the term "poetry.scapes" to refer to projects at different scales, whom declines the scene in a poetic, visual and sound environments, often thought as site project or specific room.
Concluding experience with Pensili Giardini (1985-2000), in 2001 she created the Progetto per Arti / IB_project for the Arts, a mobile platform that offers space to research the relationship between arts, places, media, with a constant poetical/political reflection, around the concept that Isabella called "poetic citizenship".
Receives commissions from European radio channels, she is present in theater festivals, poetry, art.
Since 2001, she conducts workshops in collaboration with theaters, academies, universities, academies, in cities and suburbs in Europe, paying particular attention to the issue of non-urban narratives and memory. 

ORF-Kunstradio broadcasts:

26. 1. 1989: "Segnali Radio Sulla Costa Atlantica"
9. 4. 1992: "La Natura"
10. 12. 1992: "Niemandsland", with Roberto Paci Dalò, Tullio Brunone and David Moss as guest
29. 9. 1994: "Lost Memories"
9. 2. 1995: "Many Many Voices", with Roberto Paci Dalò
18. 6. 1998: "Disparate Multisensory Texture"
3. 9. 1998: "Atlanti Invisibili", with Roberto Paci Dalò
11. 3. 1999: "DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA / Zwiegespräche über den Anschein" - with Rupert Huber
7. 11. 1999: "DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA / Zwiegespräche über den Anschein #2" - with Rupert Huber
17. 6. 2001: "POETRY BOX: recita dell´ombra"
21. 3. 2004: "FIORITURE - a poetryscape"
eine Hommage an Ingeborg Bachmann in 5.1 Surround via OE1DD
12. 08. 2007: 40 / 20 - 40 Jahre Österreich 1 / 20 Jahre Kunstradio
28. 06. 2009: "La marcia dei Solitari“

WWW projects for Kunstradio On Line:

1999:"DIALOGHI SULL'APPARENZA" - Web project with Rupert Huber & Markus Seidl

Participation in Kunstradio-projects:

22. 2. 1996: HORIZONTAL RADIO: "Circle of Stars - I´m a European now"
5. 10. 1993: "Radiobeams"